Welcome!  If you are visiting this website you either have cancer yourself or are close to someone who does. Our goal in making this website is to help cancer patients, their families and loved ones understand what radiation treatment is, types of chemotherapy treatments such as oral chemotherapy, breast chemotherapy and more.

We believe patients are better able to cope with their illnesses and the recommended medical treatments when they are provided with comprehensive information about both. Therefore treatments described in this website are considered as only general guidelines that give readers ideas about what they can expect.

You may have visited a facility for treatment following diagnostic tests and consultations with your doctors you’re about to begin radiation treatment chemotherapy or both and you surely have questions about what lies ahead. You may feel lonely and scared as you prepare to face treatment and diagnosis of cancer is a highly emotional event. Read more about how chemotherapy works.

American Cancer Society has estimated more than 1.4 million new cancer cases in 2008 alone. (Source: ACS:Estimated New Cancer Cases and Deaths by Sex, US, 2008) That’s a staggering figure and unfortunately that number will keep increasing  if we don’t switch to healthy lifestyle and try to minimize impact.

We created this website to provide  you with all the information that could be out there. If you think we missed something please feel free to write us. We believe chemotherapy treatment should be a choice and that’s why we decided to explain to you what it is and what it does to you before you decide for yourself or your loved ones.

Chemotherapy is in general, a way of treating cancer. People diagnosed with cancer undergo this therapy for their treatment. It is the most popular way of treating cancer worldwide. Chemotherapy is applied to treat leukemia (a kind of cancer of the bone marrow which causes uncontrollable and abnormal growth of white blood cells) and lymphoma ( cancer in lymph or nodes). Read more about chemotherapy.

Under chemotherapy use of chemotherapy drugs or medicines is made to kill the cancer causing cell or reduce their growth. Chemotherapy drugs are known as cytotoxic drugs. There are many modes of treating this disease. Read more about types of chemotherapy drugs. Chemotherapy is sometimes just called “chemo”.